Start and finish

Your walking adventure starts and finishes in the center of Zandvoort. After the finish of the Zandvoort Light Walk you can enjoy a drink in one of the establishments.


The first starting signal for the Zandvoort Light Walk is at 18.00 hours. Participants will start in 14 different groups between 18.00 and 20.10 hours.

There is a limit of 500 participants per starting group. With your registration you can choose which distance you want to walk and at what time you want to start. You can always start later within your own distance, but never before.

See the starting groups below:

Starting group Distance Starting time
Group 1 18 km 18.00 hours
Group 2 18 km 18.10 hours
Group 3 18 km 18.20 hours

Group 4 6 km 18.30 hours
Group 5 14 km 18.40 hours
Group 6 18 km 18.50 hours

Group 8 14 km 19.10 hours
Group 9 6 km 19.20 hours
Group 10 14 km 19.30 hours

Group 116 km19.40 hours
Group 12 14 km 19.50 hours
Group 13 14 km 20.00 hours
Group 14 14 km 20.10 hours


The finish of the Zandvoort Light Walk takes place in the attractive center of Zandvoort. Here you will receive your memory and you can toast on a beautiful evening.